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Safer Sex (Paperback)

Safer Sex (Paperback)

The attitudes, thinking, and policies in European countries where the teen pregnancy rates are much lower than those in the United States are examined in this plea for domestic societal change.

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Book Description:

Research in the Netherlands, France, and Germany found that nonjudgmental attitudes, access to safer sex practices, and comprehensive sex education are the norm. This book looks to European principles and proposes that the United States put aside philosophical and religious differences and work together to protect teens from early, unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease. Topics covered include family values, the influence of the media, AIDS and STDs, contraception, abstinence, sex education, abortion, and religion. This book is geared toward teen providers, teachers, religious leaders, politicians, public health officials, medical providers, and parents-in short, anyone who has respect for teens and their ability, with appropriate and honest guidance, to make responsible decisions.

About the Author

Evelyn Lerman is the author of Teen Moms: The Pain and the Promise. She lives in Sarasota, Florida.

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