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Men's Adventure Magazines (Paperback)

Men's Adventure Magazines (Paperback)

"Weasels ripped my flesh!"
Battling dangerous beasts such as ferocious lions, venomous snakes, or swarms of man-eating weasels, the hunky heroes of men's adventure magazines were frequently depicted struggling to protect themselves and especially their buxom female companions from the gruesome tragic ends that threatened their every waking moment.

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Book Description

Whether stranded on desert islands, clashing with motorcycle gangs, or shackled in prison camps, the magazines' male and female protagonists were perpetually fighting their ways out of dangerous predicaments.

To pay homage to the American periodicals of the 1950s, 60s, and 70s that "documented" such outrageous exploits, TASCHEN brings you this hefty, comprehensive guide packed full of colorful cover art, sumptuous sample spreads, and enlightening essays.

With an in-depth introductory essay describing the history, culture, and artistry of men's adventure'a.k.a. "sweat"'magazines, as well as chapter-by-chapter exploration of various subjects including the role of women and the portrayal of Nazis and Communists, this definitive study of the genre examines not only the popular appeal of the magazines but also their social and political implications. Also included are publisher listings and profiles of artists and writers, as well as an interview with Norm Eastman, one of the genre's most important artists.

About the Author
Collector Rich Oberg saw his first men's adventure magazine on a Piggly Wiggly grocery store magazine rack in 1968 and decided that maybe shopping with mom wasn't so bad after all. He began collecting the magazines and the original art that graced their covers in 1982 and now maintains the largest known collection in the United States.

Max Allan Collins is a novelist and filmmaker fighting nature in Iowa (indoors). His novel Road to Purgatory is the sequel to his famed Road to Perdition, the basis of the motion picture starring Tom Hanks. He is also the author of the Nathan Heller novels, which have won him a Life Achievement Award from the Historical Mystery Appreciation Society.

For over 20 years, George Hagenauer has been Collins's research associate, assisting on over two-dozen historical novels and collaborating with him on the Edgar Award-nominated The History of Mystery. His own freelance writing has been in the true crime field. He lives in Wisconsin.

Steven Heller is the author of The Swastika: A Symbol Beyond Redemption and Merz to Emigre and Beyond: Avant Garde Magazines of the Twentieth Century, among over 80 other titles.

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