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Hair Care for the Male of Style

Men Hair care is another first impression for the male of style. Clean, good haircut, neat facial hair, and take care of balding if it bothers you sum up hair care for the man of style.


Make sure you emulsify (that means spread around) the shampoo in your hands before you apply it.

Scoop in underneath the hair and apply the shampoo to the roots and the scalp. Then work it through to the ends.

Scrub with the balls of your fingers, but don't scratch. This is especially important before coloring. Particularly if you use a men's drugstore color brand, which have been known to contain lead.

When rinsing, concentrate on the scalp, then the ends if they need it. Lift the hair up off the back/crown to give a thorough rinse underneath.

Deep Cleansing:

A good stripping is occasionally necessary for every guy...to rid your hair of product residue, that is, and also mineral buildup from your water. (Why, what were you thinking?) If your hair seems dull or lifeless, it's probably got buildup. Use a clarifying shampoo once a month, unless you use a lot of wax-based hair products, in which case you'll want to deep cleanse every few weeks.

Bring deep cleansing shampoo to lather.
Leave it on the hair for up to 5 minutes
Rinse well, and condition
Your hair will feel raw, and it is. All product and mineral residue has been removed...but so have the natural oils, which must be replaced by conditioning.


In general, for man hair care, a light daily conditioner is best. Even a leave-in conditioner will do. If you color your hair, look for a conditioner that is formulated for color processed hair. This type of conditioner will protect your color...making it last longer, and look better.

Use a quarter sized blob and emulsify (spread) it in your hands before applying
Apply conditioner to the ends of the hair first, then work down to the scalp. This is especially important if you have an oily scalp.

Rinse conditioner well. If your hair is dry or tends to frizz, do a final rinse in cool water. That'll close down the outer(cuticle) layer, which helps smooth the hair and retain moisture.

If you're in need of deeper conditioning, use a heavier conditioner, and leave the product on for 5-20 minutes. If you want to go all out, bag it and apply some heat with your blow dryer.


Chemically treated hair loses both protein and moisture. Both must be replaced to repair the damage. If you're finding your hair is dry and brittle, try these man hair care treatments.